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on 11/11/16
6 Reasons to Love Global Warming
Sometimes all we need to get by are a few encouraging words. For example, instead of being worried about global warming, why not, well, warm up to it? After all ...

1. Your trailer in the Prunedale will become oceanfront property.
2. Animal rights activists can take a break from protesting mink coats.
3. You won't have to worry about seasonal affective disorder.
4. Baseball season will last twelve months.
5. Texas will be too hot to live in and all the towns, from Dallas to Crawford, will disappear.
6. You won't have to take off your clothes to get a tan.
7. NO one will speak badly of you 4 owning a gas guzzler, fur coat, big lot home, water your lawn every day, think the future is plastic, trees look better as a burning log
8. it's ok to invade iran 4 oil
9. drill baby drill
10. see miami or manhattan from a glass bottom boat