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on 9/7/16
After beating her son like a slave master his mama put down the electric cord and said:

Son, I did this for your own good. Gawd knows I rather beat you to an inch of life than see a White man shoot you like a dog.

This is how some young boys are first broken. They are emasculated by mom and must seek out peaceful means to get back their man hood. The role of Warrior/Protector, Provider, and Shaman is taken away by the person they first love, MOM. Black male is self repressed or projected into the playing field of sports or the military where it's are the few places where it's rewarded. The Coach become father figure, shaman, provider and teacher on the ways of manliness.

Being shut out of employment as to mobility (few Black males enjoy hiring/budget authority) many finds the path of Shaman a true path in the Black Church one of the few places where Black men can enjoy high rank, respect and the fruits of manliness.

Black males are mostly supporters, followers, rank and file in corporate business, not leaders. If not they are small to medium size business owners. Few are of the multi-billion dollar class.

The other options are dismal because it's the life of either the gray/underground economy or crime.