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on 11/7/16
@FRANKBISHOP2 Black Americans have pushed for the right to bear arms since the end of the Civil War, and white Americans, mostly in the South, tried to stop them for decades. If you Google "New Black Panthers" and "Fox News," you'll get the sense that many white conservatives are still uncomfortable with black people peacefully displaying firearms in public.

But that's no reason to believe that white open-carry activists — who care enough about their right to haul around loaded AR-15s and handguns in public that they'll scare the bejeezus out of people trying to buy diapers at Target — don't also want black people to have that same right. We shouldn't assume that hard-core support for the 2nd amendment is automatically paired with opposition to the 14th amendment, which conferred many of the equal rights and equal protections of citizenship on all Americans, black and white.

Law enforcement should take note.