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on 17/3/16
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How dare ANYONE in the GOP point to government and accuse it of ineffective watch-dogging when the modus operandi of the Conservative movement since Regan has been to discredit government, de-stabilize, de-fund, de-regulate and de-construct its institutions - most notability the EPA - and then with brazen hypocrisy turn around and blame those very weakened organizations for failing to protect people from the very forces that the GOP aided and abetted in profiting from the dysfunction of our protective agencies. Sickening rhetoric. Utterly sickening GOP pony show blaming the system they created and demanding the people they fund at the EPA fall on the sword. They have no sense of honor, no shame, what utter mendacity, what gall andno sense of smell but to cover their azz with a web of lies and neurotic defense as if they are shocked by their own failure. The children will require life time of care, but they know that early death, poverty and prison is going to be the fate of many if not most and many will pass their damaged genes to the next generations to come. #FLINT is not the tip of the ice berg. There is no second chance with the disaster that is coming with an system that is falling apart. Disease does not give a hot damn about the USA or the GOP it's an equal opportunity killer of rich poor fools and famous.