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by EswenRaedself
on 21/8/16
@MarinaJoyce7 No, do not give advice of any kind. You are a hand maiden of foolishness. You are neither qualified in life experience or in anything remotely related to be able to help anyone with you and every other fucking idiot, such as Eugenia Cooney's nonsense, who, while it may seem of the moment to wish tra laa laa thoughts here and there, it won't much help because in truth, you are a fucking wanker liar of paramount order and demons are meaner than spit who enjoy a good laugh like the rest of us. I've given you a sort of warning that they are near because unlike you, Mr. goddess of no import, I actually accomplish what you can only barely piece together in freak show finery.

You are like every other dipshit who uses the internet to bolster up your pathetic existence. Got a job? Nope, of course not. Your family collects welfare from the government so you can sit on video loving your Goddamned self to fucking death.

What is it with you insecure boy-girls who never had a moment's thought in your head to actually accomplish something intellectually-focused? Is it so damn easy to stick your flat bum in the air for a fiver? Did you actually think about what the fuck the pedophile boyfriend (I'm talking about the 62 grandfather type who set this shit up for you) who is both married and wanted by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary because they have good word you both think it would be really funny to have a go at a power station like you were both card-carrying members of ISIS.

That way, it would be so funny how people think you're soooo nice on video loving the fuck out of yourself while plotting destruction of your adopted homeland.

You really are an asshole.

For your notice, whoever is coming up with your inane "God" story, God would not flaunt herself on a fucking Twitter feed. God would not post some bullshit exclaiming the need for help on how to build a temple. God would not be a bleach blond. God would not have the intellect of a common orange. God would not have wider shoulders than what barely pass for hips labeling you a tranny.

God is not transgender you fucking asshole and I hope you are currently dead on the ground stuck down for your blasphemy by GOD, who you are not.