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by EswenRaedself
on 27/4/16

Wow with the Misogyny!

@SarahSpain Re: the mean tweet thing:

Horrible. One word.

Why do these "men" believe that it's okay to speak to women online like this? Because, that's how they speak TO THEM on a daily basis. Maybe or maybe not to their faces, because a lot of people might take offense to that type of behavior and pummel them to the ground without a whit's care for the local authorities. Because, hey, IF you leave it to Mr. Inbred Cop I'm Real Important in this Uniform and NOW I RUN THE SHOW - well, we need as many felons roaming the streets so that I can ignore them outright while perusing Monday morning traffic for some female victims to terrorize so that we can collect us some play money with the fines they'll pay, since they actually WORK. That will work out real fine for me, the misogynist, because the prostitutes I cater to expect a fiver for my pathetic performance, don't you know?

And, if we've run out of home grown misogynistic terrorists against women, well, let's ship in 800,000 Syrian males so that we can stand by claiming tolerance while our WOMEN continue to be attacked by MEN. Does this world of fooligans actually believe that they are on the side of women? Denmark, I am talking to you!

I am sorry you were raped. Sincerely. I was, as well, by my former boss who was apparently a fan of Bill Cosby's routine. It took me learning and practicing Transcendental Meditation to even remember what happened after 13 years or so. I don't believe that either of us in out of the norm here and that it was highly prevalent in The Good Ole Boys Club of yesteryear.

It really boils down to money. Men have proven over history to side with whoever has the cash and that makes for an emasculated man. If a man does not want to act like a man other than performing sexual acts, then when the body revolts, he will have nothing left. Nothing at all.

Men of today's society have been raised by women who taught them it was okay to behave this way. How many times do we have to hear how some overbearing mother rails against the son for an heir, an heir, an heir, and heir....? Meaning, a women is no more important than a breeding machine, apparently. Thus, the now-expected acceptance of the transgender crowd, which I may point out, remain true to their original gender/sex or whatever else the spin machine wants to call it. They CANNOT reproduce naturally no matter what anyone wants to spin and that causes issues for those of us who are natural out there. It breeds envy since the dipshitted Yahoos and CNNs of the world wish us to accept every abomination on earth that they celebrate.

You don't even know, if those were even men that wrote those tweets. Not defending fools but they could've come from a transitioned female to male, a granny, a 16-old with acne, an insecure Diabetes-ridden 60-year man, a pot belly pig or whatever.

The internet provides for a perceived level of anonymity for very stupid people who may have issues expressing themselves in person. Humanity as a whole is pretty much trash, so this is really no surprise. The fact is that stupid people don't work and have a lot of time on their hands. In addition, they are encouraged to breed because Papa Welfare will pay their bills. The result is further stupidity with the next generation's fool ass opinions because even the stupidest of the stupid can put at least one poorly constructed sentence together of how they really feel. Like sports are that damn important to our destiny. No offense to your job, by the way.

However, the biggest thing that stood out to me was the video's final message was that if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, don't write it. I'm flummoxed at this. Why give them an out? Why post a picture at the bottom of the CNN page of this story showing one man with two women frolicking in a pool having the time of their life waiting for their turn with Mr. Wonderful? What a freaking double standard! Also, I wish I would ever see anyone that actually looks like that in real world! The news media has apparently falled in love with CGI/Photoshop to point of no return so that the fools believe a supermodel is waiting for them just around the corner. LOL.

P.S. As horrid as the comments were, I think, I will add, horrifying that some were written crush-like. As in, I think many, many, many men/people/sheeple who follow you - actually wish beyond mercy to be your one and only. They express it badly, I agree. The worrisome thing is that even serial killers watch sports and might want to add their 2 cents. Know what I mean?