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by EswenRaedself
on 23/8/16

JK Rowling is a man

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Wondering why, with the above over-tanned and over-made up picture linked above, cannot @JK_Rowling look more refreshed and happy or joyful, if it were.

Me thinks it's due to the fact that this bogus charity it created is flailing about miserably and really, everyone hates JK Rowling big time because she loves gay guys so much, being a transgender, which makes total and complete sense.

Apparently, it is really jealous that people would rather go adventuring to some foreign land while giving back to whatever community they visit, because that's how experiences are born, which I would think you would understand since you're supposed to be an author. You and your four "lesbian", I mean, transgender, friends are obviously the only ones who both conspired together to make this pathetic story hold water as well as have permanent mouth damage from sucking each other's wangs too much.

Here's a ditty from our special snowflake, @jazziz2:

Alycee @jazziz2

#voluntourism, @jk_rowling breaks it down like a fraction! Thank you for highlighting this exploitation!
8:54 PM - 21 Aug 2016

Wow. Just wow on that. I was not under the impression that fractions require 13 attempts to break down. Hmm. Clearly, we were educated in different manners. You, being not at all and me, to the level of evil and maniacal genius because that's what it's like when us smarty pants get bored, unlike either you or JK Rowling, the pseudonym.

In conclusion, to the other quickly melting snowflake, 'cause that's how that shit rolls, @shutupKatelynn. It is painfully clear that while you created your user name, you are not smart enough to even listen to its greatest wish. Odd.