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by EswenRaedself
on 22/8/16
@jk_rowling Funny you think social media should be nicer for gays and then include women in because clearly you think that gay men are so fucking gloriously concerned about us.

You know, you really flummox me with your love of gay men and feeling like grown men need you, a manly looking pathetic bitch who had loads of help with the very stories you claimed to pen. Tell Jack, I said, "Hi", if you know what I mean.

If I were you, I would be looking for ways to help the fucking people of this planet with all of your amazing earnings and rights to live in a castle rather than Tweet about mothering yet another poor gay man. Yay for fucking you.

Why don't you get the fuck up, get down to the food kitchen and give SOMETHING back to the community besides your unbelievably pathetic ramblings.

By the way, someone is going to kick the living shit out of you inbred abominations that though you or your agent post a loving comment protecting gays, doesn't mean they actually like you, JK.

If you have to press so hard for one LABEL or another, you really give a shit about any of them. You're looking for votes, just like Hillary.

Fuck off.

P.S. I am guessing you're transgender so thus, the unbelievable support of the anti-Illuminati (surprise). Have fun.