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by EswenRaedself
on 14/7/15

JK_Rowling is an Idiot

@jk_rowling Pleased to see you defending Germany's master race in the form of Serena "Steroid" Williams. I can totally understand how that Brit guy mistook Serena for a guy considering Caitlyn Jenner's recent reveal. It can get confusing.

Also, that red dress pic was very nicely selective on your part. Here's another one, which further confuses in that "Serena" appears to be somewhat female in origin but also mannish. This brings up an interesting conundrum in addition to the oft-bandied term, "hermaphrodite".

I fail to see how this jumbo bum was sausaged into that red dress unless "Serena" also uses the same graphics arts rag tag team of editors for Kim Kardashian who try to hide her obvious dwarfism.

Lastly, you compared your husband to the red dressed "Serena". Is it because he is black, as well, or a hermaphrodite, or a cross dresser? You cannot be "in" without one or more of the above three and I am certain your next pretend book writing will pivot on your having drank the gay Guyana kool-aid.

To it!