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by EswenRaedself
on 19/2/16

Dear Kanye, the mild

@kanyewest I am praying for you, Yeezy. LOL. That pic w/you and the hermies was too much to believe, Bro! I mean this one:

A few comments on this ridiculousness:

1) Your birthday means dick - June 8, 1977 (060877 - nothing, dick, nada).

2) MY BIRTHDAY IS: March 6, 1966. Let's translate, ye of simple mind, 030666. Check that shizit out! I have those VERY important NUMBERS in my BIRTHDAY OF 666! You asshole! Whoever you were worshiping (please say it wasn't yourself), I guarantee they do not have 666 in their identifications.

3) YOU were not either praying or making any deals with me, Boy! I don't even like you and couldn't tell you anything about your music because I swear I wouldn't recognize it, if an entire army of hermaphrodite, homosexual drag queens walked up behind, Beyonce "I am a slave full-stop and I walked right into this, so I's could act like one of 80,000 African "females" who screech that "they" are the queen, but I is the queen" and followed by screaming hermies with some shit about being black panthers, which I think is very embarrassing to actual black panthers, an animal species.

4) Those bitches in that cover look like Kendall, not Kim. I think you married the wrong sister because, clearly, you prefer boy-looking women, having been surrounded by THREE at once (do you have 3 penises?). What does a black guy DO with 3 boy-looking women, anyway? I have heard that you all won't return a blow job, so what is your worth? Watching? Please.

5) You are now a "father" to 2 little fellas. Congratulations on being the very first black guy to actually pretend to be a dad (Slobama doesn't count, as orchestrated). Of course, you are too busy living everywhere else and doing all of your business ventures, that I think you are really a dead beat dad in disguise and are just waiting to pull a "poor me" - oh wait, you already did that!

6) Your must be boning Kendall. Just sayin'.

7) I heard that Kendall's musician fella was gay, that Mr. Stiles. That would also be really appealing to you because you black guys love that down low stuff.

I am stopping at #7 because that is a number from your birth year, which means absolutely nothing and I will tell you why:

It is not 666 and that is what everybody lives for, worships and so forth. 7 is boring and a low number compared to 666, which is greater in many ways.

You are heretofore notified never to even begin to have anything, not even one, to do with anything evil, Satanic or the like. You can only do "7" things, which I did hear once was the number of the almighty and also looks bent, which makes some sense out of Sodom & Gomorrah's appeal, or better known-as, transvestite heaven.

Have an unbelievably possessed day!

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