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by EswenRaedself
on 13/10/15

Oh, Khloe!

@khloekardashian @amyschumer Khloe, you should look up the words "humor", "comedienne", "celebrity poke", "plastic surgery taken to the most unbelievable extreme", "egotistical family of Jew-acting, money grubbing bitches who like to act above everyone except for that plastic surgery obsession thing and also black guys but thanks for taking them all off our hands".

Basically, I'm really tired of the let's all NOT tear down bitches in a public Twitter whine but in reality, let's act like assholes toward what we deem to be the plebeian public who actually A) Have fucking jobs; B) Live a real life without agents filling their heads full of complete asshole shit; C) Leave the black guys to the Kardashians; D) Realize that a lot of AIDs and Ebola originated in Africa - well, probably all of it but I don't want to offend black people too much, which is basically, an adjunct to item "C". I know you are slow so am feeling altruistic.

Your "sister" Kendall looks like an over-sized, yet prepubescent boy. Word.

Your other "sister", what's that kid's name with the Tyga? Oh, yes, Kylie, also product of two "women". Now, she resembles a young, freakier Kim Kardashian. How much did that chicanery cost?

Before you smack talk, it is my business, you are my business, everything about The Kardashians is all my business as a gossip rag follower and commenter of evil proportions that I am. So say the Jumbo Tweet and all the social media you both love and hate.

Why? Because your clan of entitled dodos are too much to believe. I don't have cable anymore and stay away from TMZ (You tell Perez you are the reason why! You and that stage mother of yours) but you dummies STILL manage to Yahoo yourselves onto my computer screen!

I am fuming about that right this very moment for no reason at all that I can summon.

P.S. A health journey generally does not cost $3,000,000 (or three million dollars for the class of 2015). I would have been more impressed had you spent a modicum of that cash on yourself and that journey while finding some goddamn time to donate something to the world you stand upon rudely.

I'm done chastising you now. If you commit suicide because I upset you so much, I don't even care. How do you like that?