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by EswenRaedself
on 29/7/15

Kim Kardashian is disgustingly stupid

@KimKardashian More has arrived. I wanted you to know directly that you and your clan are insane. I have never seen such a plopped up bunch of wishful wannabees as you blech-y Kardashians and used-to-be Jenners.

Every single one of you is the biggest attention seeking whore bags known to the kingdom of man, God, animals (especially swine, as in dress one up and so forth) and, especially, dwarves...of which I believe you all originate originally.

P.S. None of the aforementioned kingdoms fornicate with backward lesbians such as Kanye "I cannot nor will ever be able sing/perform/do anything worthwhile that isn't handed to me via an audio overlay tape" West. Meaning, we don't date Kenyans. You have erred greatly in this regard.

P.S.S. You are too dwarven to be related to Audrey, Mme Antoinette, or anything in the future. Quit trying to act like it is possible since you are a dwarf clone. Christ, keep your adjuncted ass to yourself with your lousily placed Photoshop Instagrams.

P.S.S.S. Satanists hate you because I said so. I am hoping that Pinhead and his two cohorts come to see you and that lesbian you married along with your whole gang. If Pinhead does show up, there will be no escape, just so you know.